Who we are

In order to talk about DescubreParís.com, I have to tell you about myself and the past 6 years I’ve spent in France. My name is Angela Legeay-Martínez, I was born in Colombia and, although I am not a tourist, I am still fascinated by this city and see it as if it were the first time every day. I’d like to share what I’ve experienced personally as well as when accompanying friends and family, with other tourists coming to discover this marvelous city. My goal is simple: to make visiting the City of Light as practical and smooth as possible, sharing with you all kinds of tips, ideas, and facts through my blog, website, and products; always keeping in mind that your stay in Paris be unforgettable!

Our Beliefs:
  • We believe you are allowed to dream: when you dream, you are free, your imagination flies off to where your heart wishes to be.
  • We believe you can make these dreams come true: travelling is a dream for many people, in which they discover new places and new people. This dream can come true step-by-step.
  • We believe you deserve to enjoy these dreams: with ease and total peace of mind, enjoying every moment and creating memories to last a lifetime.
"Paris is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, history, and beauty. It is a city that is worth visiting, at least once in a lifetime."
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