Detailed travel guides

Discover Paris en 1 day, in 2 days, in 3 days, in 4 days or in 5 days

We’ve designed Detailed Guides of Paris with concrete, practical and easy-to-follow tours that accompany you and guide you during your trip in the City of Light; these guides offer detailed information on how to get to monuments, streets, restaurants, and even share tips so that you may enjoy this city to the fullest without stressing out and especially without losing time or money.

Select your travel guide, download it and relax!

Our detailed travel guides include:

  • Instructions on how to move to and from the center of Paris in a simple and economic way
  • Safety tips
  • Detailed tours (and small maps) with precise information that will take you through Paris’ main monuments.
  • Where to eat
  • How and when to visit museums
  • A little history
  • How to get back to the airport, or train station

How does it work?

1. Select the travel guide that fits your travel plans at our E-SHOP
2. Buy it and download it on your phone or tablet
3. Read it and use it through-out your stay in Paris
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