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Can you imagine arriving in a city with over 14 metro lines, more than 350 bus lines, not knowing the language and on top of that, and having no immediate access to internet? Yes, we’re talking about the most beautiful city in the world but, up until now, you haven’t been able to see ANYTHING!

DescubreParís.com offers practical, step-by-step and downloadable ready-to-use or personalized travel guides that will cover every traveler’s needs so that they may fulfill their dreams of visiting, discovering, and enjoying Paris peacefully and without breaking the bank.

Our promise to you

At DescubreParis.com our goal is to give you the tools and information needed so that YOU can make your own decisions and organize your trip.

This is NOT a reservation site, we are not tied to any hotels, restaurants, or any other type of establishment. We only propose what our users and ourselves have personally tried, and what we can consider appropriate for you to have the best possible experience.

We want to remain loyal to tourists, to travelers arriving to Paris to fulfill a dream, a wish; the tourist we’ve all been, are, or will be someday.

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