A Walk through Montmartre

Discover one of Paris’ most picturesque neighborhoods with us: Montmartre!

A Walk through Montmartre


This itinerary is short and easy-to-use. It’s going to take you through one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Paris: Montmartre. Discover the Wall of Love, the Sacred Heart Basilica, the Place du Tertre (Painter’s Square), many of its small streets and hidden nooks, and end the tour at the Moulin Rouge.


  • Short and easy-to-follow guide, in which we’ll be providing step-by-step instructions to visit the most representative corners of Montmartre, so you discover stories and travel back in time.
  • IIt’s a downloadable PDF for your phone or Tablet. You don’t need internet to use it once you purchase it and save onto your phone.
  • Information will be provided on each spot you hit so you can discover some fun facts about them.
  • You’ll have also a map so you can find your way easily, but of course with clear instructions.
  • You just have to get to the starting point of the itinerary and start enjoying at your own pace. (We give you alternatives to get to the starting point).
  • The itinerary last approximately 1.5 hours and it’s done by foot. (This may vary depending on the time you spend in each place).
  • Places you will visit: The I love you Wall, Saint-Pierre Square, the Sacred Heart Basilica, The Painter’s Square (Place du Tertre), you will walk through some of the most beautiful streets in Paris, you’ll see the Moulin de la Galette, and we will finish at the famous Moulin Rouge. We can anticipate you’ll discover more tan you imagine.
  • Discover Montmartre and its history, without overpaying, at your own pace, and with step-by-step explanations. Buy it now!
  • File size: 17,1 Mo.
  • Pages: 18.
  • Tour Duration: 1.5 horas.

PRICE: 5,99€

Pablo Ramos and Family

Concrete, practical, and adapted to my needs and those of my entourage. The information on public transportation is an important point to highlight, it really helped us optimize time during our stay.


What I enjoyed the most about this detailed travel guide was being able to make the most of my time, visiting every emblematic place in the city, as well as the possibility of visiting certain places on my own stress-free, seeing as how specific this travel guide is it would be very difficult to get lost during the tour; you feel almost like they’re whispering in your ear, and the best part is that when/if you have a doubt you can always look back and find the answers!


I would definitely recommend this detailed travel guide to a friend or an acquaintance, because I know that with it they’ll feel at ease, confident while exploring the city, you get to know these places in detail, you can move around the city without rushing, there isn’t a fixed-schedule for the tour, you do it at your own pace.


What I enjoyed the most about the detailed travel guide was that it was personalized, we contacted Angela prior to our trip to discuss some of the things we like and what our expectations of Paris were, and she organized our guide in accord to those requirements.


What I enjoyed the most about the detailed travel guide was the fact that I never felt lost or overwhelmed during the trip. Everything was pointed out and calculated in detail to take me to most emblematic places, all while taking in the sites around me and through typical Parisian streets.

María Fernanda
For the other cities of Europe we visited, I had to organize the itinerary and define the places to visit. It didn’t really go bad for me, but if I had someone to do it for me, I definitely would have preferred it. This saves you a lot of time and you don’t have to worry about the activities of every day.
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